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Ram has delivered customized training workshops for more than 125 organizations spanning 25 industry verticals, covering over 10,000 participants. He continues to conduct both classroom workshops and online programs for learners from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Australia, Sri Lanka, South-east Asia, United States, United Kingdom and other European nations.

Exelon team members benefitted immensely from the training, I have seen an improvement in them being assertive communicators rather than passive communicators. Other key takeaways were to think about "Uska Kya Fayda" when trying to motivate someone, and to step into someone else's shoes you have to first remove your shoes.I would highly recommend Mr. Ramnath Dixit for delivering high quality trainings.

Nilesh Lele, CEO- Exelon

We engaged Ramnath for training our front line employees in soft skills and service orientation to enhance service delivery to our clients. Ramnath structured this day long workshop in such a manner that all the participants were drawn to participate and engage themselves in various activities that kept them involved through the sessions, never getting bored. The feedback from the participants was unanimous in their appreciation of the structure, content and outcome of the workshop with some of them suggesting such sessions at regular intervals.

S. Narayan - Founder & President, Integron

The approach adopted by Ram is excellent. His style of delivery of content is very Unique which has made the experience a Wonderful one!!!

Sudhir Rao - Regulatory Affairs, Olive Healthcare

The experience of working with Ram is Excellent. Practice what you preach - the phrase aptly Describes Ram. As a trainer he immerses himself in the organization and designs the content as per the need of the organization. He creates THOUGHT PROVOKING content and keeps it to the POINT.

P R Raman –Manager Accounts & Finance, Olive Healthcare

The first workshop organized on Mantras of Communication was held for a team of around 25 professional women working in GE at the mid – senior levels. This workshop was an introduction to Effective communication techniques. It also very effectively highlighted the common mistakes that most of us unknowingly make and how best to avoid them. Ram was able to explain concepts in a simple and fun manner and kept the class engaged throughout. There was very active participation through games and the audio visuals used made it a very interesting program. We look forward to Level II.

Gita Hariani – Vice President, GE Capital, India

The program on Time Management and Interpersonal effectiveness (Time and you) was well received and appreciated by the participants. The workshop delved deep into understanding of the essentials of time management, identifying and eliminating time wasters and how the same could be used to bring out the best in every professional’s life. Keep up the fab work!

Ashok Karkera–Manager L&D, Tata Capital

Not something I find myself saying about workshops very often! It was relevant for us all – account managers, strategists, Operations, client side manager & the personal life. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to get a real understanding of how to approach Negotiations skills - Advanced.”

VR Rajesh,  Strategy & Growth, Efkon  India (STRABAG AG)

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