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Squirrel Interventions is a training and development firm founded by Ramnath Dixit. It caters to training and consulting requirements of organizations across industry sectors, in the domain of behavioral and soft-skills.

The genesis of the name “Squirrel” is inspired from the Indian mythology of Ramayan. The story goes like this. The army of Lord Ram was constructing a massive bridge from the shores of India to Sri Lanka. Watching this herculean effort, a squirrel from atop a tree was fascinated and wanted to contribute to this mega project. So the squirrel hurried down from the tree, picked up a small stone and dropped it in the ocean, as a share of its contribution to the bridge being constructed. Watching this act, the rest of the army, comprised of giant muscular warriors poked fun at the squirrel. This is when Lord Ram stepped in, picked up the squirrel in his hands and tenderly caressed it. Lord Ram remarked, “It is not the size of one’s contribution but rather the intent to contribute selflessly is what truly matters.” 

Squirrel Interventions believes in this ethos of “every contribution matters, no matter how small.” The name “Interventions” in the title represents a long-term relationship with all the stakeholders we work with. It is our belief that consistent learning interventions help accomplish desired organizational results than one-off training workshops.

You can observe the squirrel prominently displayed in the logo. The colour “blue” in the logo stands for inspiration and professional commitment while the colour “red” represents courage and passion.

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