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  • Ramnath Dixit

Every Patient Tells a Story by Lisa Sanders

Book Review

It would be hard to find a family today, where every member is fit & healthy. Good health is a rarity and comes at a premium. Each one of us has been a patient sometime in our lives and has witnessed the dark alleys of ill-health. Each of us has a story that is waiting to be heard.

In her best-seller book, author Lisa Sanders takes us through such several medical encounters. The book essentially discusses the unimaginable challenges that medical professionals have witnessed in the modern times. From the unheard to the unbelievable, the author unravels cases full of suspense with the precision of a seasoned medical detective.

The sheer magnanimity of some stories brings to life some of the horrific and helpless moments that each one of us can closely relate with. It is scary to learn that inspite of all the technological advancements medical science has achieved, there are numerous instances where even diagnosing the disease has been brutally complicated.

Honest to the core and genuine in its narration, the book makes you ponder on stories of both incurable situations and unconquered faith. Read this medical wonder and feel blessed for the body, nature has gifted us.

Who should read this book? As one of the testimonials on the book rightly says, "Everyone who is a doctor or has ever been a patient."


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