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  • Ramnath Dixit

The McKinsey Mind by Ethan M. Rasiel

Book Review

McKinsey is a celebrated name across the corporate circles known for their contribution to the domain of business consulting. And this book just proves why they are, where they are. The author Ethan M. Rasiel spills the beans on the million dollar process that McKinsey uses to make consulting really click for their clients.

Firstly "the firm" (that is how the author refers to McKinsey) is all about Structure, a philosophy that they breathe, eat and preach. Nothing moves without the structure. A well thought out structure that combines process oriented implementation with intuition based thinking is what makes it unique. This unique process is what the firm calls, "MECE - Mutually Exclusive, Collective Exhaustive).

The author takes the reader through an insightful journey of how the firm diagnoses business challenges, analysis them and finds practically implementable solutions and presents those to the clients in a clear and convincing fashion. The book is filled with pearls of wisdom for anyone who dons the hat of a Consultant, or even an aspiring one. Sprinkled with insightful case studies and words of advice from McKinsey alumnus, the book deserves to find itself a much deserved space on the bookshelf of every Business Consultant.

Piece of Advice - read this literature at a pace that allows you to grasp and digest the concepts. Not meant for speed reading.

Enjoy a dip in the exciting ocean of Business Consulting..


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