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  • Ramnath Dixit

The Emperors of Chocolate

Book Review

Do you like eating Chocolates? Yes...then you will love this book. will still enjoy it!

The Emperors of Chocolate by Joel Glenn Brenner is a gripping tale about the infamous rivalry between America's Chocolate giants; Hershey and Mars. If you thought candies are sweeter, the animosity between these two chocolate-makers is anything but sweet.

Published first in 1998, this book is still relevant and is packed with stories that are sure to leave its readers asking for more. From the production shop-floor of titanic manufacturing units to the pockets of customers, both young and old around the world; the journey of chocolates is both amazing and exhilarating. The hardwork and passion by the respective founders Milton Hershey and Frank Mars is both remarkable and breath-taking for every entrepreneur.

Many of us have experienced the sinful delights of their chocolates, yet very few would have an inkling of the behind the scenes rivalry that has been ongoing since several decades. Filled with riveting stories ranging from the origins of chocolates, the race to being number one, the connection of chocolates with World Wars and the dark corridors of corporate espionage; the book offers you all and much more.

If you are a chocolate addict, this book is for you. And also for every entrepreneur who is looking for a bite of sweet inspiration. So the next time you munch upon a Hershey Bar or a Mars Snickers; remember that the business of chocolates isn't as sweet as the product it manufactures, yet it is worth the experience!

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