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  • Ramnath Dixit

Jugaad Innovation

Book Review

Jugaad – its perhaps not the first time that you have heard of this term, yet it remains a word that has been more ridiculed than celebrated. Jugaad innovation, or in simple words frugal engineering is a management concept that India can certainly take pride in. In their best selling book, the author trio Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu and Simone Ahuja, effortlessly take us through a journey that is nothing less than extra-ordinary.

Jugaad innovation discusses 6 principles that are commonly found in jugaad innovators across the globe, irrespective of which continent or nation they belong to. It’s a fine testimony to the fact that jugaad is a global phenomenon. The principles that have been discussed in the book include: Seek opportunity in adversity, do more with less, think and act flexibly, keep it simple, include the margin and follow your heart.

What makes this book truly come alive are the real life examples and stories from around the world that are easy to correlate with and manage to leave a lasting impression on the readers’ mind. It’s a text that narrates tales of less-known and even unknown entrepreneurs with empty pockets but those who had their hearts filled with passion and heads filled with ideas. From healthcare professionals to political leaders; from business tycoons to budding entrepreneurs; Jugaad Innovation promises something for everyone.

Don’t be surprised if you find your conventional wisdom being intellectually challenged every now and then, as you flip through the pages. Make no mistake about it, this is a path-breaking piece of modern business literature that springs from cutting-edge research and convinces leaders to challenge the status quo like never before.

Surely not a one time read; this book deserves to be revisited time and again both for reflection and to fetch creative ideas. So the next time you are trying to “do more with less” or perhaps you decide to “follow your heart”, remember that you are exhibiting traits of being a jugaad innovator. Have fun reading this entrepreneurial masterpiece!!!


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