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  • Ramnath Dixit

Talk like TED by Carmine Gallo

Book Review

Several decades ago, a survey was conducted to find out what is it that scares people the most. The results were both fascinating and intriguing. The responses gathered revealed that people were scared of a multitude of things including fear of heights, closed rooms, darkness and even insects. Interestingly the “fear of death” featured on the second spot on the list. The out and out winner was Glossophobia; more popularly known as the fear of public speaking. It is said that globally, 2 out of every 3 people tremble with the thought of speaking publicly. If you are one amongst such people, then “Talk like TED*”, might just turn out to be the book you were looking for.

Written with eclectic wisdom and skillful delight by Carmine Gallo, this book unravels the public speaking secrets of some of the finest presenters of the modern era. The book highlights 9 such secrets spread across three broad categories – Emotional (making your presentation connect with the audience), Novel (bringing in fresh ideas to electrify the audience) and lastly Memorable (ensuring that your ideas are sticky and compelling to your audience).

The author does a very fine job of including presenters and speakers from various walks of life and streams of knowledge. What makes this book special is the intricate detailing of the styles adopted by champion presenters; yet it nowhere preaches the readers to blindly emulate their styles. On the contrary, the author urges the reader to imbibe these strategies and weave it into one’s own presentation style to establish a natural connect with the audience.

Talk like TED is easy to read, simple to digest and practical to follow. A perfect companion for anyone at any stage of their career, with an aspiration to deliver impactful and soulful presentations.

*TED : TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design. It is a globally renowned platform meant for sharing cutting-edge ideas in diverse areas. It is a reputed forum for knowledge dissemination on almost any topic under the sun. Visit to witness thought—provoking ideas narrated by marvelous speakers

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